Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Flanagan Bill Lifts Charter Cap By 100

From State of Politics:

A measure introduced late last night by Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan would extend mayoral control of New York City schools for one year.

The bill would also seek to expand access to the state’s charter schools as well by raising the statewide cap on the schools by 100, from 460 to 560 — a proposal first backed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo at the start of the year.

The Assembly already approved a bill extending mayoral control by three years - the extension was not tied to the charter cap.

We'll see what eventaully comes of all this.

But if I had to guess, I'd bet the cap either goes up statewide or some of the charter slots outside the city get shifted down here (statewide, the charter cap has not been reached.)

In any case, same old same old.

We have a new senate majorty leader in John Flanagan but the same old pro-charter policies.

But what else can you expect from a guy on the StudentsFirst payroll?


  1. I have known John Flanagan for 29 years and I can tell you that he showed no support for charter schools until after he moved into the state Senate. He is very angry at NYSUT for not endorsing him in the last three election cycles and not kissing his ass after he became education committee chairman following the November 2010 elections.

    Flanagan knows that the GOP majority is imperiled in November 2016 when a different electorate is expected to turnout at the polls. He is addicted to charter school campaign contributions and desperate that they continue. He needs those monies to try and save as many GOP held seats as possible. He doesn't give a damn about students, parents, teachers or those of us that pay taxes to fund our public schools. He cares about himself and maintaining his perks, power and privileges.

  2. Please correct spelling in should be Cheater School. You left out the E!

  3. I too, have known John Flanagan for a very long time. When he was our Assemblyman here in Northport (where he and his family live) he was a good, honest and caring guy with a young family. He actually helped my family out with an issue that required his running interference and, we were forever indebted to him (despite the fact that we're democrats). At any rate, as John's power and influence grew it was obvious that his desire for more and more political clout helped to "change" his mind on a number of issues. Originally VERY pro-teacher, it is true that he soured on techers when NYSUT didn't endorse him. He was hurt (or at least, played the pity card). To say that he has all but forgotten his noble beginnings, is an understatement. Today, John Flanagan is the next BIG republican candidate for governor (or even, Washington, D.C.). The once humble guy who lives a very short distance away and who I would always see in the local Stop and Shop is today, a fake. Our kids went to school together and traveled in the same circles ... good kids! Yet, dad has become a nasty and arrogant guy. Too bad ...