Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, May 11, 2015

Flanagan or DeFrancisco?

From State of Politics:

Both Sens. John Flanagan and John DeFrancisco on Monday confirmed what every knew: They are running for majority leader.

The outcome at this point is anyone’s guess, as both men entering the closed-door Republican conference said they believed they had the necessary votes to replace scandal-scarred Majority Leader Dean Skelos.

Flanagan or DeFrancisco?

Here's some background.

Here are two takes - one betting on Flanagan, one betting on DeFrancisco.



  1. Reporters on Twitter: Flannagan won. Boyd put out a tweet saying so then deleted it. But ....does it matter?

    1. A little. Flanagan comes from LI, was one of the senators subpoenaed by the feds in the Skelos case and was Skelos' hand-picked successor. What it says to me is, Skelos is gone, but the pols in the system remain undeterred.