Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, May 22, 2015

Kathy Hochul: Best Way To Support Public Schools Is By Taking Money From Them, Giving It To Private Schools And Charters

Here is a commentary by Kathy Holhul at in which she asserts overcrowding and poor building conditions in public schools are good reasons to support more charter schools and tax credits for private schools:

Many critics try to argue that alternative schools, such as religious and charter schools, are somehow hurting the overall education system by taking away resources from traditional public schools. They argue that the governor should revoke all support for religious or charter schools – effectively abandoning those students – to focus just on public schools. They claim that this would be fair, but this just doesn't stand up to reason and here's why: 

There are roughly 4,500 public schools across the state – many of which are at capacity or overcrowded, and some are even utilizing trailers as classrooms. One hundred seventy-eight of those schools are failing, and many of them have been for 10 years or more.

Now imagine if the more than 400,000 students who are currently in charter or private schools – representing approximately 15 percent of the state's student population – had to attend one of those at-capacity, overcrowded or failing public schools. Who benefits from that scenario? Surely not the public school students who would find classroom space and resources stretched even further.

Can you follow the logic?

Many public schools are overcrowded, there's not enough space to house students in classrooms so decrepit trailers are used instead - and the way to solve these problems is to take money that could go to public schools and alleviate overcrowding and build new facilities and give that money to charters and private schools instead.

This is the same Kathy Hochul that AFT President Randi Weingarten robocalled for during the Democratic primary, claiming she was an excellent advocate for public schools.

Here's some advocacy for you - Hochul says public schools are overcrowded and falling apart, so let's take money that could go to public schools and give it to charters and private schools instead.


  1. The best way to support a politician like Kathy Hochul is to take your vote for her and give it to a different candidate. Preferably one who views public education as one of the cornerstones of our democracy.

  2. The public had its chance with Tim Wu. UFT and AFT didn't want pro-public education politician. Weingarten made robo-calls for Hochul. Unions kept silent on abusive Cuomo, and Republican-lite Hochul.

    Go figure.

  3. By being silent, AFT indirectly helped Cuomo.
    The Randi robocall directly helped Cuomo

    If anyone is still wondering which side Union is on, they need to pull their head out of their ass
    Gates' $5,000,000 grant(and God knows how much more) to AFT came with strings - lots of them

  4. The Cuomo administration's contempt for public education knows no bounds. Hochul should be removed from office for making a statement like that.

  5. And now here in Buffalo Hochul's most recent employer Robert Wilmers of M&T Bank, another rich old white man in love with privatization and a known buttinski in educational issues is trying to use his clout as her old boss to push for Mayoral Control of Buffalo Schools. Hochul is a disgrace.