Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Education Advocacy Group Brings In Bill Cosby To Speak About Improving Education

What year is this?

Bill Cosby was scheduled to visit Alabama on Thursday and Friday, for events aimed at highlighting schools in one of the poorest areas of the state. 
Cosby, whose record of educational philanthropy has been overshadowed in recent months by sexual assault allegations from more than 25 women and two pending lawsuits, will speak in several cities across Alabama’s rural Black Belt, a region named for its fertile black soil but stifled by low income and high unemployment. 
Cosby will speak with high-school students as part of a new campaign by the nonprofit Black Belt Community Foundation to improve education in the south-central part of the state. 
Foundation president Felecia Lucky said Cosby was volunteering his time to bring exposure to schools in the area.

It's like the 25 sexual assault allegations and two pending lawsuits never happened.

I don't understand why any education group would have Cosby speak at one of its events.


  1. If he were a teacher, he'd be turned into an ATR. Not for nothing but there's supposed to be a presumption of innocence. People looking for money joining the bandwagon. Young African Americans hate him because he speaks out against rap and the ghetto mentality.

  2. Maybe they heard that everyone there will get free Jello's pudding for a week.

    It's unbelievable that the moral compass for that group is off its course in finding dignity by rejecting Bill.

  3. I think Bill Cosby is a GREAT guy. If he did all those things charge him, otherwise shut up (not you personally Perdido- but the critics). I don't see any other celebrities, other than Campbell Brown (LOL) trying to help.

    1. I just know that if I was running an education advocacy group, I'd find another celebrity to advocate for the group.

      At this point, Cosby doesn't help any advocacy effort - not w/ the 25 allegations and two lawsuits.

  4. Wait, don't tell me: his topic are Self Control and Personal Responsibility, right?

  5. Oh, and apparently Subject-Verb Agreement, as well: that should have read "...his topics are..."

  6. He's only interested in female teachers that have 'well developed'. evaluations.