Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New NYSED Commissioner: We'll "Repaint" The Common Core Narrative So People Like It

The new NYSED commissioner today:

"Opt-outs are no good for teachers and no good for parents," Elia told teachers and Albany City Schools Superintendent Marguerite Wyngaard. Albany City schools reported an estimated 16 percent non-compliance rate for the English Language Arts exams this year. Elia said the state needs to "repaint" the narrative surrounding Common Core standards.

Oh goodie - a rebranding effort on the Common Core.

Can't wait.

People love a rebranding effort.

New Coke, for example.

Or the Syfy network.

Since Elia took $100K from Gates for teacher evaluations in her former district of Hillsborough, let's not forget the Microsoft rebrand with Windows 8 (It's a computer's a cell phone's's neither...)

Ah, yeah - people love rebrands.

Can't wait to see how Long Island and Westchester parents receive Elia's "repainting" the Common Core narrative.

Can't wait to see how they receive her "opt out is no good for parents" message as well.


  1. IT is so smug and cozy with the warmth of the billionaire's money that IT doesn't realize the parents are way too savvy to fall for IT's conman's cheap tricks. They will eat her alive.

  2. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Empire State Standards for 2015-16.

  3. Just what King said - the parents misunderstand the policy and need re-education. Then they appropriated millions for PR and ads, including a 20-page pull-out in the NY Post, funded by "SUNY". Of course this backfired with parents - polls and public sentiment went sharply against the tests. But it succeeded with the corporate media - the idea wasn't to convince people, the idea was to grease the newspapers, TV networks and websites, along with dark money, to ignore the little people and plow ahead with the rheeform agenda.

  4. So this savvy repatriate immediately turns a deaf ear and blind eye to the parents and teachers of NY. Her failure to listen to the hundreds of thousands of frustrated and angry voices will be her undoing. And zero acknowledgement of the soon to be re-written ESEA.

  5. It's one thing to put lipstick on a pig, as this so-called re-painting of Common Core and the exams is.

    It's entirely another to then spit in the faces of the people you're trying to sell it to.