Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Michelle Rhee's Husband, Kevin Johnson, Target Of New Sexual Harassment Complaint

The Sacramento Bee:

A former aide in the Sacramento city manager’s office filed a claim last month against Mayor Kevin Johnson alleging the mayor sexually harassed her multiple times over a seven-month period at City Hall, according to a copy of the claim obtained by The Sacramento Bee.

The employee – identified in the claim as Estrellita Ilee Muller, 32 – alleged that she was summoned to the mayor’s private library at City Hall by Johnson’s security officer and that the mayor pressed his body against her, felt her torso and tried to kiss her. Muller filed the claim with the City Clerk’s office in April and is seeking $200,000 in damages, according to the document. She also filed a formal discrimination complaint with the city’s human resources director in October 2014 – a complaint that was found insufficient by that office.

Read the whole Bee article - the city's investigation into the complaint sounds rigged for the "insufficient evidence" outcome.

This would not be the first time Kevin Johnson has been accused of sexual harassment and or other sexual-related crimes - he has a pattern of this kind of behavior:

In 1997, Johnson signed a draft confidential settlement with a Phoenix teenager who had claimed the former NBA player molested her, according to a copy of the document obtained by The Bee in 2008. The agreement amount was $230,000, according to the document.

The settlement stemmed from a 1996 investigation by Phoenix police into an allegation that Johnson, who was 29 at the time, disrobed in the presence of a 16-year-old girl and touched her inappropriately. The allegations were made to police by the girl’s therapist.

Johnson denied the allegations and no criminal charges were filed in the case.

In 2008, soon after Johnson launched his first mayoral campaign, a police report filed by a former teacher from Sacramento High School surfaced alleging that a 17-year-old student at the school told the teacher Johnson had approached her from behind, massaged her shoulders and touched her breasts.

Sacramento police later said the girl recanted her story and found the allegation to be unfounded.
Johnson founded the nonprofit St. HOPE organization that operates Sacramento High School as a charter school.

A separate allegation made in teacher Erik Jones’ report charged that Johnson tried to get into bed with a volunteer from the Hood Corps program, an urban volunteer program that was part of St. Hope. Police did not investigate that allegation because the young woman was not a minor.

There are not at least four allegations against Johnson - the 16-year old in Phoenix, the 17 year at KJ's charter school, a teacher at the same charter school and now a city employee.

The Muller complaint alleges there are other incidents with city employees that have been covered up:

The claim states that Muller’s supervisors at City Hall “failed to take appropriate action to protect” her from the alleged incident or “subsequent incidents of harassment.” The claim states Muller told “several representatives of the city regarding the conduct of Mr. Johnson on several separate occasions” and that those representatives “offered no helpful advice and took no action in response to receiving the information.”

“Plaintiff alleges on information and belief that Mr. Johnson had acted inappropriately with respect to other city employees and representatives in the past and that representatives of the city knew, or had reason to know, of facts establishing this,” the claim states. “Notwithstanding this, city representatives did nothing to effectively deal with the situation or to protect plaintiff and similarly situated employees.”

Imagine Kevin Johnson was a teacher instead of Michelle Rhee's husband.

What would Campbell Brown, Michelle Rhee, and the rest of the education reform contingent be saying about this?

Right now all we get from them is silence.

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  1. True lust - for power, celebrity, institutional infighting, and of course, the bodies of young women, sometimes very young women - is not always easy to find in such pure form, as we see with this Dynamic Duo.

    Say what you will, I think it's sweet that these two vampires found each other.

  2. Ms Rhee and Ms Brown constantly rattled their sabers on the topic of inappropriate behavior by teachers in public schools. Sounding the bells and alarms and whistles...

    Ms Rhee and Ms the people you detest in society have an actual face...his name is Kevin Johnson...

    Where the hell are you, Ms Rhee and Ms Brown???

    These women fan the flames of misconduct, not against individuals, but overall, falsely, against an entire respected profession, stating that it is widespread.

    Campbell Brown runs her mouth over the airwaves, but is mum when a predator like Johnson runs wild. And Ms Rhee is probably angry with others because of the lack of ethics under her roof, in her family. A broom to sweep away the "bad teachers", and deafening silence for her husband.

    Rhee and Brown both exemplify the meaning of the words unethical, immoral, and cheap...which are what they are.

    They each belong in a pile of waste...perhaps it is justified that Ms Rhee is an advisor in the field of manure.

    We have heard and seen what Campbell Brown would say and do when it comes to money...But is there anything she wouldn't do?

    Anyone who would attack the field of public education has to have a sinister motive.

    That which is right will be perceived to be wrong, and that which is wrong will be perceived as right.

  3. Maybee on the heels of the Atlanta conviction for cheating Rhee can finally be charged. She is the biggest cheat since Rod Paige--Bush Secretary of Education who awarded principals with promotions and merit pay when they reported no dropouts--and fired the principals who told the truth. Became known as the Houston Miracle but fell apart when Sixty minutes exposed it as the Houston Scam