Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, May 15, 2015

John Flanagan's Another One Of Those "Blame Teachers" Politicians

Tom Precious in tha Buffalo News looks at John Flanagan and his education "expertise":

Flanagan, 54, has a long reputation with Albany insiders as a student of the issues. Some lawmakers spend little time actually reading bills, but Flanagan, following in the path of his father, a former assemblyman, has a voracious appetite for reading up on and talking policy matters.

As chairman of the committee on education, Flanagan has spent much of his time on the subject in the last four years. He understands, as much as anyone, the state’s extraordinarily complex annual maze that devises the school funding formula. He understands the problems related to Common Core-based standardized tests but insists that better training for teachers is the key to improving student performance.

Ah, yes - teacher training is the key to improving student performance.

Not funding, not smaller class sizes, not moving away from a test-centric education system for one where that attempts to reach the whole child.

Nope - teacher training.

In short, problems in the education system are the fault of teachers and can be addressed by focusing on "improving" teachers via training (and if that "fails," firing.)

I wouldn't expect any other take from a politican squarely on the StudentsFirst payroll.

The last five senate majority leaders have been arrested on criminal charges.

I look forward to the day when #6 gets carted out.


  1. If teacher training is the key to success for Flanagan then he had better look at the pipeline. Why would anyone want to be a part of a profession that is blamed for the failure of

  2. It's Friday baby. Nice weekend coming up followed by a ridiculous week which includes MOSL testing. Then it's Memorial Day weekend. Love this job! I could care less about Flanagan or any other politician. I will easily make the 6 years left till retirement. This system is a freakin joke. A true mess. The "leadership" at schools is terrible. Broken English, no clue how to run a building, morons! Smile and go home. Screw these bastards!

  3. hey anon: 12:51
    THis is a great post and it really spells out how teachers today are thinking...except for the newbies who are clueless as to their existance - yes you are correct. NYC schools have now been transformed thanks to mikey bloomcraps, with no leadership at the schools, no clue how to run a building / school, no english, morons, clue less bozos walking around with radios as if they are soooo important.....What a joke the system has become due to clueless politicians like bloomberg and klein, walcott and black, and no other than andy boy broccoli himself sitting in albany clueless about what is going on in the "hood" schools in NYC...ha ha ha laughing hysterical....

    1. Yes, you got it right!!!! Laughing all the way to bank. $100K + per session + summer school = $120/125K. People are going crazy reading crap, buying the propaganda and more. Me? I'm cracking up over here!!!! School year is over baby. Actually I like my dumb ass leadership principal. She is soooo clueless. She wouldn't be hired in Westchester as a substitute. But hey, she's fine with me. I don't give a shit AND THE KIDS DESERVE THIS! Let them have the administrators that Bloomberg promoted. They don't know any better. Driving home in less than an hour. It's really not bad at all. Simple!!!

  4. The state of New York under one privatization puppet falls, stick another one in for as long as possible.

    The selling out of the people of New York continues to grind along...when citizens feel that they have no hope or faith in their government, they look to other alternatives. I hope that the master puppet Cuomo, and his privatization taskmasters can exercise logic and common sense, and reverse course as the S.S. New York "Meryl-ly" steams along through an increasingly dangerous ocean of concerned educators, parents, and students.

  5. The B-Lo Snooze is the ed reform boot licking rag of record up here on Lake Erie. They are so far up the ed reform chute they said the school board should email John King for a short list of acceptable candidates to take the Superintendent's job here. They also called the petulant nerd that Cuomo had sent out of the state " a breath of fresh air.." That should help with perspective.