Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, May 11, 2015

Meet The New Senate Boss, Same As The Old Senate Boss

From State of Politics:

Sen. John Flanagan says he has the united backing of the Republican conference as the full chamber is poised to elected him the new majority leader.

Flanagan appeared to waiting reporters outside of the Republican conference offices alongside John DeFrancisco, the Syracuse lawmaker who also sought the seat.

“We had a very good contest and I am desperately looking forward to working with him,” Flanagan said. “We come out of this unified.”

It remains unclear who will become Flanagan’s deputy majority leader and who will take the Education Committee chairmanship that Flanagan held.

This tweet kinda sums the whole thing up:


Also should note, Cuomo wanted Flanagan too - another knock against him.

Well, given how the last five majority leaders have been charged with crimes, we always have the inevitable Flanagan indictment to look forward to.

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  1. Flanagan will have his hands full with trying to "restore" some credibility to the majority rule in the state senate. The fact that he is NO LONGER state senate education chair is GOOD for NYS because Flanagan was in Michelle Rhee's back pocket. You know too that Cuomo influenced Flanagan's selection despite trying to give the impression that he'd work with any one. Now, watch the focus on Flanagan ramp up big time as it relates to some of his questionable sweetheart deals. It is getting a little absurd when one looks at the state of corruption that is Albany.

    I hope Flanagan gets his comeuppance. The guy is nothing but another corrupt, pretty-boy Albany politico. Let's see how long HE lasts.