Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, May 29, 2015

Cuomo Says He's Open To "Intelligent" Changes To His Education Reforms

From State of Politics:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is open to “intelligent” modifications to the education measures approved in the budget in April, but indicated he would not support broader changes being sought by state lawmakers. 
Cuomo, appearing in Coxsackie at an event for his raise the age legislation, told reporters he was opposed to pushing back deadlines for developing and adopting new evaluation criteria. 
“Not the deadlines — but if there are intelligent suggestions, I’ll look at them,” Cuomo said. 
That does not include uncoupling of a boost in school aid to the adoption of the new evaluation scheme on the local level, Cuomo said. 
“No, if there intelligent suggestions. I don’t think those would be,” he said.

It seems "intelligent" changes to Cuomo means "no meaningful or significant changes."


  1. Mr Cuomo is on a collision course with professional educators, parents, and public school students. He is increasingly being exposed to more and more improprieties and corruptions with each passing day.

    But Mr Cuomo cannot back down...he has sold himself to his bosses who dangle green before his eyes...a deal signed with his soul attached to it.

    He will increasingly insulate and barricade himself as the forces of righteousness expose him more and more for the petty, common criminal he is...and by doing so, make it easier for Preet Bharara to place the handcuffs around his wrists for a ride to central booking.

    While the five million dollars (that's what the public knows as to his take-in so far) may seem like a lot, to the billionaires, it is mere crumbs, and Cuomo looks like a scavenger picking up the morsels thrown his way.

    A far cry from father to son...Mario built up the name and reputation of the Cuomo family, while Andrew continues to run it through the mud.

    Thus...the lasting legacy of the Cuomo family.

  2. How can intelligent changes be made to idiotic reforms?

  3. Cuomo is seeking money for "quid pr Cuomo". Intelligent design here means $$$$ for his backroom interventions on the behalf of the contributor. Ka-Ching ,,,,Ka - Cuomo

  4. He needs to have his head handed to him. How much longer do we have to listen to his subjective, moronic comments?