Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cuomo Hits Low In Approval Rating In Siena Poll, 41%-59%

Just as the last Marist poll released two weeks ago showed Governor Andrew Cuomo hitting the lowest job approval numbers of his governorship, a Siena poll out today shows Cuomo hitting bottom on job approval.

His job approval/disapproval number is 41%-59% - and his favorability rating fell too:

“Cuomo, while still viewed favorably by a small majority of voters, has his lowest favorability rating since he's been governor. While his statewide favorability rating dropped by a net eight points in the last month, it fell by a net 19 points with New York City voters and a net 25 points with Republicans,” said Steve Greenberg, a spokesman for the Siena poll. “Similarly, Cuomo's job performance rating is also at an all-time low. More than twice as many voters say he's doing a poor job as compared to those who say he's doing an excellent job. Even Democrats are evenly divided, with 50 percent giving him a positive job performance rating and 49 percent rating him negatively. His job performance rating is significantly under water with Republicans, independents, downstate suburbanites and upstaters.”

I thought all the publicity Cuomo was garnering ministering to his partner, Sandra Lee, both pre-and post-cancer surgery might have turned around his numbers a bit.

But the Siena poll was taken May 18-21 - right during the height of the Sandra Lee PR (see here and here) - and Cuomo's ratings do not appear to have been affected positively by the pictures of Cuomo in a hospital gown ministering to Lee.

It will be interesting to see if there's a positive effect on Cuomo's numbers next time around.

In any case, Cuomo's not at lows in both the Marist and Siena polls - New Yorkers clearly do not like the job this governor is doing and more and more, they don't even really like him despite the PR attempts to humanize him.

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