Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Will The Heavy Hearts In The Assembly Hold The Line On Cuomo's Voucher Bill?

From State of Politics:

The EITC is now going through some rebranding with the introduction of the new bill: It’s now called the Parental Choice in Education Act. 
The measure would provide up to $150 million in annual tax credits aimed at low-income families who want to send their children to non-public schools, scholarships for children in households with qualifying incomes to attend a public school outside of their district or private school and incentives for public districts to provide new programming, like after-school programs.

Early indications are, there are not enough heavy hearts in the Assembly to bring the rebranded voucher bill to the floor for a vote

Even if supporters can muster the needed votes, Heastie indicated that bringing the bill to the floor would require a majority of the Democratic conference’s support.

“It’s been our position that there is a majority for a reason and we feel that to really move bills in this house we should have a consensus of enough Democrats to pass the bill,” he said.

Of course these are heavy hearts we're talking about, so a little heavy pressure on them could make them pass this thing just the way they passed the odious budget this past April.

One unmknown here - Cuomo's consort Sandra Lee is undergoing cancer treatment and Cuomo says he's stepping away from some of his gubernatorial duties to support her.

The question is, with the legislative session ending in June and Cuomo allegedly stepping away from hands-on governance for a couple of weeks to deal with a family issue, how much pressure will he try and put on the heavy hearts?

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