Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Got Nothing

Anybody else exhausted?

Been a long year and it's only May.

Someone said to me yesterday that the first ten years of his teaching career went by like a blip, the last four years have felt like an eternity.

Feels similar to me.

Teaching the Age of Reform - burn and churn, burn and churn, burn and churn...


  1. An open question for edu-fakers across the state (and beyond).

    What workplace miracle would you produce if you were given only 80 hours of work time spread out over a 10 month span?

    Only 2+ hours per week to perform your miracle.

    Ten months littered mostly with distractions and interruptions.

    Just 80 hours.

    And imagine if the co-workers you supervised and depended on were frequently absent, skill deficient, rarely paid attention, were mostly apathetic, and often non-compliant. And you could not fire and replace them with more motivated and incompetent workers.

    When you answer, that's just not enough time to accomplish very much. And the co-worker issues would make my job impossible.

    We say, welcome to our world.

  2. Bring on summer vacation!

  3. I go straight through to August. Wish I didn't need to do summer school.


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