Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

NY Board Of Regents To Parents And Teachers: Screw You!

In naming MaryEllen Elia, a former superintendent of Hillsborough, Florida schools to be NYSED commissioner today, the New York State Board of Regents sent parents and teachers in a strong message:

Full speed ahead on reforminess.

Oh, and screw you if you don't like it.

Elia, who was nicknamed EVILia by some parents for her attitude toward special needs children, was divisive in her former gig in Hillsborough and was ultimately shown the door by the school board  in a 4-3 vote.

Besides earning the ire of some parents, Elia has the reputation of creating a fear-based workplace, and retaliating against employees she considered enemies.

She also won $100K for her school district from the Gates Foundation by promising to fire the "bottom" 5% of teachers every year.

In short, she's John King on steroids.

Even today, she doubled down on reforminess, using the dog whistle language reformers so love to hear:

“Everything that happens for students happens in a classroom because of great teachers,” Elia said after her selection. “And I think the biggest thing we can all do is work to improve and support teachers to get better every day.”

Everything that happens for students in a classroom is because of great teachers?


What about great resources, a great curriculum, small class sizes, great district and school leadership?

Nope - only teachers matter.

That's reformy speak for "I'll be firing as many teachers as I can" - which is why StudentsFirstNY praised her today.

Elia also doubled down in support of the Common Core and testing:

At a press conference following her appointment Elia said she supports CommonCore and believes that with better communication, people will support testing and what it offers.

The Board of Regents voted unanimously to appoint Elia as NYSED commissioner.

That the regents chose so divisive a personage, somebody with the reputation of bullying subordinates and dismissing criticism from parents and employees in her time at Hillsborough, sends a very clear message to parents and teachers in New York State.

Your input on education policy is not wanted - it's full speed ahead on reforminess whether you like it or not.

The only response is here is a barrage of emails, calls and visits to legislators to let them know you ultimately hold them responsible for this appointment and you will make sure they pay a political price next election for supporting the Board of Regents in this decision.


  1. Blah, blahhh, blahhh, it goes on and on year after year RBE. The years pass and you begin to realize it's just more and more of a mess as time passes. I already gave up. A few more years for me to go to collect my pension at 55. I will easily get "effectives" at my school especially since the ELA scores are at 90% passing which equals 19 out of 20 or as close to 40 or 50 as possible, whatever the MOSL percentage is. I come in and go home. I could care less who is the new commissioner because it will change in 2 years. The Danielson piece will not exist in 2 years either. Common Core? Won't be around but it will be something else. What I'm trying to say is that you will be very busy until you decide not to write on your blog. There will always be complaints and believe me, no one is changing anything. I gave up and it feels incredible. I love my teaching gig more than ever.

    1. Very sad attitude anon 6:24pm. We have people with your attitude to thank for the state of our nation today, right now, in 2015.
      If the French had that attitude they would be on Louis the 24th now.

  2. NYSUT officials couldn't be more out of touch with rank and file teachers. The fact that NYSUT could praise the election of someone that was fired from her last job, supports charter schools, more testing, merit pay, using test scores to evaluate/rate teachers, etc is sickening at best, mind boggling at worst. NYSUT needs to fold and be replaced by an organization that actually cares about those of us paying dues.

    Let's remember that NYSUT also donated $7,750 to Senator John Flanagan, an avowed enemy of NYSUT and public school teachers. Flanagan is the guy that tried to strip every NYC teacher of the seniority rights and who is the champion of the recently enacted evaluation law. He also said that parents who opt their children out of state tests are being "irresponsible."

    NYSUT officials: Please resign. You are all a disgrace.

  3. Great, now we have the devil incarnate to further stick the proverbial pitchfork up our ass.

  4. Hahahahahaha!!!! We are so fucked!
    NY teachers are now entering the "Springsteenesque-blown-out-and-screwed" character phase of our profession.
    Some songs to play as we plan our futures in retail, all by the great musical chronicler of late, declining industrial America and those that were wrecked in the process...Bruce Springsreen:
    "Atlantic City"
    "My hometown"
    ....shit just listen to everything he wrote.
    Goddamn we are in a really bad place.

  5. Did u read Randi's reaction in the Times article??? Nothing Cuomo does to us is wrong in her eyes.